Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A Break in Fredericton

On Friday 19th September we continued the tedious plod along the Chipman-Fredericton road to arrive at Cindy McCloskey's Sterling Creek stables in Noonan, where we were to have a break for a couple of days while sorting out arrangements for the next leg.  Cindy gave me a quiet bedroom with en suite in the basement, and I could come and go as I liked - perfect.  First job was to fetch the truck from Spruce Hollow, and on Saturday I drove over to visit David and Marion MacFarlane, university friends of school friend Alison Metz whose help was so indispensable to me in Germany.  Marion and I had a very jolly day shopping in Fredericton for essentials such as French dictionaries and goose down jackets, and Marion threw in a trip to Boyce Farmers Market (here I am being tempted by the moose skin slippers)...
....and a pub lunch with French friends.  A relaxing non horsey day was rounded off by a convivial supper at home cooked by David....
...and enlivened by a bottle of wine.  As they have lived and travelled widely, we had plenty to talk about.
Sunday was spent catching up with blog, facebook and making arrangements. Cindy had been busy with a show on Saturday, but treated me to an early supper.
The McCloskeys at home..

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