Monday, 13 October 2014

Hospital visit

Sunday 28th September and a glorious morning to follow the trail..
 But it was not long before we reached the Beechwood power dam.
 Above this a lake is dammed back to Grand Falls..
 Apparently the birds are religious round here.
 Autumn colours at a rest stop..
 The shadows lengthen on a long day on the trail...
 ..and we arrive at Perth-Andover.  After a bit of scouting around it seemed the only decent place to camp for the night was this grassy spot behind the hospital!  It had the added convenience of all night lighting which meant I could pack up early in the morning.
A friendly nurse escorted me in so I could use the washroom and fetch some water, the security guard kept an eye on me, and in the morning I was invited in for breakfast, though I had to decline due to shortage of time.  But I departed clutching a sandwich and two muffins.  Thanks Perth hospital staff!

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