Wednesday, 8 October 2014

I am booked by the police.

Monday 22nd September was leaving Fredericton day, but first I took the truck over to the Mc Farlane's for safe keeping.  Cindy kindly followed me all the way along the main road to the Trans Canada Trail in Fredericton which I was very grateful for, and I set off through parks and residential areas.  It was getting late by the time I reached the outskirts of the town but there did not appear to be anywhere very suitable to overnight.  Reluctantly I started to set up camp on a grassy area with trees by a housing estate, but I had no sooner unloaded and pitched my tent than blue flashing lights appeared - a young policeman who did not really know what to do rather hesitantly got out his book. A more senior police officer had also turned up on the scene when my saviours arrived in the nick of time in the form of Sarah and Jason who kept horses up the road and were happy to take me in. I made a quick getaway, and ended up having one of those lovely unexpected evenings chatting over a glass of wine. Many thanks for the hospitality!

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