Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Another delay

Li Jing has just emailed me to say he will be flying back to Moscow this Thursday July 16th to see his family and sort out his visa, and will not be back until August 1st. Apparently the dental work he was undergoing in China took longer than expected and of course he has not seen his wife and child for about eighteen months, since he set off to ride from Votkinsk to Beijing.

As I do not want to waste time hanging around in Beijing when I have plenty to do at home and will be away for several months in any case, I have changed my flight from July 16th to July 30th. The expected restart date for the ride is now August 5th, and Wutzala plans to organise a press conference and party for the weekend before.

At least I will get the full recovery period of three months recommended by the doctors. And will be able to go the the Royal Welsh Show, which I have not missed for many years!

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