Saturday, 4 July 2009

A Mystery is Solved

Last weekend my old mare Wian Dawlish eventually produced a foal by our stallion Cymro. But she is so wild that I have not been able to get close enough to identify whether it is a colt or a filly - the photo above of mare and foal on the day of birth was from a long distance photo that I cropped and blew up! However yesterday friend Rob Jones (who owns the stallion) managed to get some close ups with his zoom lens, and the mystery is solved - it is a colt - and thus for sale to anyone who is interested. Look on my pony website for more recent photos as they come.
The next bit of good news is that I have had my first foray on horseback since my accident - courtesy of doctor friend Rowena who provided a personal medical escort when she kindly took me out for a suitably sedate hack on her horses Blodes and Llewelyn.

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