Saturday, 11 July 2009

Red Rock Treks

While I am back in the UK, although all the horse stuff is locked in the trailer at Guyuan, most of my personal kit is being stored at Ed Jocelyn's flat in Beijing. Ed has been a tremendous support, not only due to the practical help and encouragement he has given me, but also allowing me to pick his brains for advice on travelling with four footed friends through China.
In 2002 -3, Ed and friend Andy McEwen made an epic journey on foot retracing the steps of the Long March, and followed it up by writing a fascinating and entertaining book of the trek - unsurprisingly called The Long March and well worth a read.
Since then, Ed and business partner Yang Xiao have retraced other routes taken by the Red Army, often using pack ponies or mules, and their experiences are documented in their website

Ed has now set up a new adventure trekking company Red Rock Trek and Expedition to share his unique knowledge of these and other historical routes through some of the more untouched and beautiful parts of China. Each trek offers a genuinely pioneering opportunity to experience parts of China well off the tourist trail. If you enjoy adventure holidays with a difference, then I would strongly recommend you consider these treks. As a historian, journalist and linguist who has lived in China for many years, Ed has a wealth of knowledge about China, and is a fluent Mandarin speaker. For more photos and details see

In 2010 the treks will also be available through the premier adventure holiday company Wild Frontiers

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