Thursday, 12 July 2012

Newhaven to Greenwich Itinerary

For the last three weeks, I have madly been sorting out the route from Newhaven to Greenwich including overnight stops, and am most grateful to the following stables who have been able to accommodate the horses. The itinerary below gives an idea of where we will be if you would like to come and meet us en route.

1.       Saturday July 14th. Newhaven to Plumpton
            Ride to Plumpton Agricultural College. Ditchling, BN7 3AE.    Tel: 01273 8904542.      
        2. Sunday July 15th. Plumpton to Henfield
             Royal Leisure Centre, Horn Lane, Henfield.
3.       Monday July 16th.  Henfield to Horsham
Bridge House Equestrian Centre, Five Oaks Rd, RH13 QW
4.       Tuesday July 17th.  Horsham to Guildford
Albury Equestrian Centre, Ponds Fm, Shere, GU59JL     
5.       Wednesday July 18th .  Guilford to Tadworth
Wildwoods Riding Centre. KT20 5BH.
    6.       Thursday July 19th.  Tadworth  to Westerham
Farchynys Stud, Westerham, Kent,TN16 1SH.  
    7.       Friday July 20th Warlingham /Marden Park to Chelsfield/Orpington
             Chelsfield Equestrian Centre, Chelsfield, BR6 7SN. 
   8.       Saturday July 21st  Chelsfield to Mount Mascal
Mount Mascal Stables, Vicarage Rd, Bexley, Kent, DA5 2AW

The plan was for an arrival reception on Monday 23rd July organised by HOOF London and held at an Olympic Legacy Project site in Shooter's Hill, but unfortunately Greenwich council refused permission for the event (presumably for Health and Safety reasons as it is still being built).  Very disappointing for everyone involved, but it does not affect my ultimate aim of reaching Greenwich.
I am already taking part in the Bexley torch celebrations at Danson Park on Sunday 22nd July, so I will probably ride down to Greenwich Park beforehand to complete the journey.

The Olympic equestrian events finish on August 8th, and on August 9th I will set out across London, visiting selected Equestrian centres before continuing back to Wales. So if you live in the areas I am passing through, watch out for me.  More details on this in due course.


  1. Samantha Minas14 July 2012 at 21:50

    Hi Megan, thought you'd like to know that you and Jon Chick have both gone from Wales and back again to raise funds for charities. He's been to Istanbul and back, he's now in France and due to arrive back in Wales (in the village) around 17th August.

    Good Luck with the rest of your amazing journey!


  2. An amazing and inspiring journey...just read about it in the times...
    Quite quite GRAND!
    Will read back through your blog to enjoy the experience!

  3. LLongyfarchiadau Megan.
    Rhiannon L