Monday, 19 May 2014

An Escape

On Monday 12th I said farewell to the lovely March family and their pack of chihuahuas - here they are below L to R Hannah Josh, Rob, Diane, Julia.(no Beth or Amy)
Then it was a short ride along the rail bed to Placentia Junction .....
 ....where we were staying with Anne Marie Power in her tranquil house in the woods  .....
The house behind belongs to her parents.  I had another comfortable bed and Anne Marie produced supper while the horses relaxed on the lawn.
A slight panic in the morning as Lady had managed to escape her tether overnight and both her and Albert had disappeared.   As horses invariably retrace their steps, Anne Marie and I jumped into my truck to scout unsuccessfully along the railbed to Whitbourne, but we returned to see two innocent little heads peering round the side of the neighbour's house!  They had sensibly stayed where the grass was greenest, and the neighbour on the other side told us they had spent most of the night rummaging in his garden.
Set off for Long Harbour Station, but soon ran into problems as it appears that Albert has decided that being a pack horse is beneath his dignity. I am not sure whether the saddle pad or the cinches are irritating but he has taken major exception to the pack rig. He had started being difficult after about two hours travel the day before, fidgeting and kicking out, but after only a mile he now started trying to barge Lady off the track. In the end I had to abandon the rig by the track to be collected later.  After that it was an uneventful ride to Long Harbour Station where I had left the truck with hay and feed at Fred Martin's cabin.
  The horses were tied in the wood with hay while Fred and I chatted over a cup of tea in the little cabin he is gradually doing up.
An unequivocal message in Placentia Junction......... 

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