Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Pride Farm

On Friday I decided to push on all the way to Pride Farm at Hillview near Clarenville, where the horses were to have a couple of days rest while I had a look round the Bonavista Peninsula and planned the next stage.
I switched horses to Albert, who tramps across the stones without a care in the world.

En route hazards -Lady is across the grill, but will Albert follow? 
Yes he did, but took the most enormous leap
Rest stop at Goobies where Lady and Albert soon attracted an appreciative audience..
Albert has taken easily to hobbles, and it means I can leave him loose to graze while Lady is tethered. They also prevent him getting his leg over the rope when he is tied up.
To get to Kelley Watton's equine facility at Pride Farm, we had to negotiate a stretch of the Trans Canada Highway which was a bit more traumatic than I had visualised.  Happily Don Watton and Kelley's boyfriend Adam came to our aid - here Don guides us along a stretch of the old Cabot Highway.....

...unfortunately the section of the Trans Canada Highway that we subsequently braved was not so peaceful, but we survived unscathed thanks to Adam following us in his truck with lights flashing.

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