Friday, 30 May 2014

Wet weather

Fortified by Marg's cooking, I had meant to start riding again on Wednesday May 21st, but after bidding farewell to Ed and Marg a combination of car and mobile phone trouble and persistent rain persuaded me to delay another day, particularly as I wanted to try the pack saddle out on Lady in dry conditions. The ponies had enjoyed a restful break at Prides Farm with the Wattons and Patricia's son Levi very public spiritedly gave up his room to me for the night.  Thank you Kelley and family for the warm welcome and the glorious hand knitted socks and gloves which are too good to wear!   Here are Kelley and her mother with sister Patricia and baby Alex. 
 I was dreading crossing the Highway back to the T'Railway, but happily the Brown family who sold Albert to me helped out by trailering the ponies back across the highway and I was able to rejoin the rail bed in safety.  Many thanks for all your help Terry and Charlene.
It was a relatively short but pleasant ride to Clarenville, where I had found a spot to tie the horses on a quiet residential road and Kelley and Adam dropped off some hay for me.
The pack saddle seemed stable, so the next day Friday May 23rd I loaded up the saddle bags, covered it all with a tarpaulin and made a rather pathetic attempt to rope it all up with a diamond hitch - somehow not the same as the one I managed in Kazakhstan!  And then it was off again along the rail bed..
 ...but it was not long before the heavens opened again, and persistent rain followed me all the way to Thorburn Lake.  Fortunately for me, Mark and Corinna Steffanelli had generously offered me the use of their luxurious cabin overlooking the lake..... and the ponies had ample grazing.....
I was pleased that Lady had coped well with the pack, it had stayed stable, and the bags were dry in spite of the rain - but my lower half was soaking wet and I was thoroughly glad of the opportunity to dry my wet clothes and have a hot shower and warm bed.  And the neighbours sent son Ben round with a delicious cod supper!    A big thanks to Mark and Corinna and hope not too much damage has been done to the lawn - the ponies hardly raised their heads all evening!

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