Monday, 20 April 2009

Hei Feng - Black Wind

Yesterday we decided that the older unnamed bay horse which Peng led on Saturday was too thin to cope with the demands of the ride, and we decided to swap it and have another go with the wild black horse. As a result we bundled the thin horse into the trailer and whisked it off back to the Yihe stud, who must be wondering when they will ever see the back of us. Mr Wang who trains the horses at the stud is a sort of Chinese Monty Roberts, and with his help the black fiend was subjected to a crash course. He soon discovered he had met his match and in spite of rearing, spinning and kicking he was bridled, saddled, ridden, shod and loaded onto the trailer by the end of the day!

He is now officially part of the team and thus now has a name - Hei Feng which means Black Wind. He still has to be handled extremely sensitively, and had another spinning and kicking fit today, but Li Jing, Peng and Wan all rode him without major incident.

Staying in an ancient looking hotel with TV, comfortable beds, western style bathroom with HOT shower, all for £2 each a night.


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