Friday, 3 April 2009

The Big Trim

Yesterday was The Big Trim, not only as my farrier Eirian came round to give twelve pony pedicures but I also as had my hair chopped off. Having worn my hair fairly long for over forty years I feel like I have been punished for collaborating with the Nazis.
The rest of the day was spent moving ponies around to make them easier to manage while I am away. The potential porkers are now in the starvation paddock ready for the spring flush of grass - they looked very pleased with themselves to be in an exciting new field, but the novelty will soon wear off when they realise where they are.

Marieclare Carey-Jones of ITV Wales has just been up to Pumpsaint with cameraman to film me for Wales Today. As they wanted to include mounted interviews and I don't have any suitable riding horses at the moment, Leslie at Cae Iago riding centre very kindly let us borrow a couple of her long suffering cobs to be groomed, tacked up, led around, used as backdrops, and ridden endlessly up and down the road and in and out the entrance.

Here I am on an increasingly confused Ffion who has decided the life of a movie star is definitely not for her. If you live in Wales, the item will be televised sometime next week.

The next excitement (for me at least!) is that my digital voice recorder from Olympus has arrived. On the first leg of the ride I was continually forgetting little moments en route that I wanted to record in my diary. The recorder means I can throw away my notebook and pen, and record verbally as I go along to build up into an audio diary. The recorder can also be used for podcasting and work as an i pod - I cannot believe that something so small can carry out so many functions!
I assume Becky Sampson of expedition equus is now on her way to Japan- she was planning to leave London on April 1st.

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