Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Wan is ill

Tai qi on horseback- Li Jing does his morning exercises Photo above - on the road. L to R Me, Peng, Li Jing (unfortunately with pole sticking out of his head) horses L to R. Zorbee, Bajiu, Hei Feng, Yura.

Our driver Wan is ill, so Peng has just taken him off to be met by his family. As this means Peng will have to drive, it complicates matters with riding the horses, so Li Jing has decided to swap his fast horse for the thin Shandan horse we left at the Yihe stud - it will make things easier to handle and at least we can always trailer it if it is finding the work too much.
Annoyingly we are now riding east towards Yanquing as Wutzala has apparently organised a press photo shoot in scenic country to the north east - it will probably add about a week onto our journey but hopefully we will ride up to a northern branch of the Great Wall. Tonight we are staying in a small guest house and Li May and I are sharing the family kang (sleeping platform) with the proprietoress - only £1 each a night.

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