Thursday, 9 April 2009

Our New Motor

We have been sponsored a posh new trailer and need a 4 litre 4x4 to pull it. After trawling round the second hand car and truck yards, with Mr Peng looking under bonnets and sniffing exhaust pipes, there was unanimous agreement when we eventually found this very reasonably priced Cherokee - old (1994) but perfectly formed. It has even starred in an advertisement! Here it is having temporary number plate fitted.
You may gather from this that I am now in Beijing where it has been all go - Li May, the Malaysian girl who is translating for me, found me successfully at the airport, and then it has been a string of meetings with David Mc Neill, Wutzala, sponsor Harry Tse, the Chinese Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Kubi and of course Mr Peng.

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