Sunday, 26 April 2009

To the North!

We have cracked under pressure, and are currently tramping northwards to Inner Mongolia, where I hope we will receive a hero's welcome. It is absolutely freezing and we keep getting glimpses of snow capped hills ahead. Happily we passed through the town of Chicheng and were able to stock up on thermal underwear.

Above: Li May and I shared the bed in this bordello like room -note the rather risque wall poster - the one next door was even more graphic.
Me on Bajiu - which way to go? I think we are on the road to Guyuan, but I just follow Li Jing.

Above: A tu lu (dirt track) at last. After hours of jogging along the main road, today we actually rode through some delightful countryside . Everyone is ploughing their fields with donkeys and mules at the moment.

We seem to encounter an inordinate amount of tunnels, and my reflective Charles Owen helmet, and reflective gear from Shires Equestrian have been invaluable for negotiating them safely. Here is Zorbee and I coming out of a kilometre long tunnel this afternoon. Li Jing is above such things, and just rides through without a care in the world.

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