Monday, 9 April 2012

Along the Tisza

On Tuesday 30th March the two Lazlos escorted me out of Tiszachege and across the Tisza river on a small ferry - an exciting new experience for Dallam.

Lazlo Papp mounting his horse on the other side..............

....he has trained it to kneel down for him! Although the saddles they use are just pads with stirrups attached and no girth.

I was met near Poroslo by Daniel, the son of our hosts for the night, and we rode back to their lovely home in a converted barn through the fields with terrier Denny.

Setting off the next morning - Daniel on a young horse - this was the only photo with us vaguely both in the frame! He escorted me down to the bund along the River Tisza, where I was presented with another goody bag, this time by the Poroslo tourist office......

It was a peaceful and scenic route for the next twenty kilometres down the Tisza - it soon widened out into the shallow Lake Tisza, which is the second largest lake in Hungary.

Waiting for me in Kiskore, Mike had approached someone for directions, asking "English?" . "That was a good guess" came the reply. It was Jeremy, a Brit managing a large Hungarian farming enterprise - and he was able to advise me that it was possible to continue along the bund for another twenty kilometres, which is what I did.

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