Saturday, 14 April 2012

Is that a hill I see before me?......

... yes, and we have finally crossed the Great Hungarian Plain!

On April Ist we reached Gomba, where Dallam was stabled at very impressive Fetti Lovarda of the Toth family
They run a company supplying clothing and equipment to among other customers the Hungarian military. Hence this rather dubious character skulking in a corner of their on site shop ....... fact a camouflage outfit

...not to mention the Yeti below modelling winter wear ....

And we were put up in a most luxurious local hotel
though Mike was a bit miffed that he was too late to take advantage of the thermal spa facilities.

The following day Dallam and I set off for Ocsa via a complicated network of tracks through the woods. Amazingly we did not get lost and arrived safely at the stables of our next host Aneka.

Dorothy Magyar had arranged for Dallam to be reshod here by her excellent farrier Andreas. Not only did he do a superb job, but he did it for free as a sponsorship!

Mike and I with staff members Erica and Lica, with whom Mike spent a jovial evening in the barn drinking palinka - the elderly woman in the party retired early to her nest in the luton....

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