Saturday, 14 April 2012

We all Jump in a Pond

On Thursday morning an unusual escort turned up in the form of yet another Lazlo on his sweet little 3 year old (!) Shagya mare rather unfortunately but memorably named Pipot.

Shaven headed and bearded, booted and spurred, Lazlo sat down to breakfast at the Lovaglas Club armed with a little hatchet, apparently for cutting branches to make a tent.

After riding for a couple of hours, things looked up considerably when we reached a row of cellars where he ordered local red wine in an unlabelled bottle which we consumed in at a table in the sun outside.

Just as well since not soon after we reached a pond which apparently we were expected to jump into - Dallam eventually obliged with a lead from the master, shown below exiting said pool.

Lazlo drinks from his hat. I did not follow suit.

And I was also treated to a coffee and a meal in a Hungarian version of a greasy spoon. Thanks Lazlo for a great afternoon!

He delivered me safely to our next hosts, who run an extremely comfortable and well equipped guest house, particularly suited to those of an equestrian bent. It is very close to the main road to Budapest but very secluded and quiet - much recommended for equestrian or non- equestrian holidays
Link to their website to follow.....

Another fantastic evening in Hungary!


  1. I love these pictures, Lazlo certainly seems like a rather interesting character. We may have to look him up if we're ever in Hungary. How is the ride going?

  2. Managing to make progress in spite of all the relentless hospitality!

  3. I love reading your blogs! (: Please check mine out i'm just getting started a follow back would be awesome!

  4. Is your blogsite still going? Only just read your post!