Saturday, 7 April 2012

OTTHON - a Hungarian Welcome

On Monday 29th March I left Viragoskut and rode off across the Hortobagy grasslands to Tiszachege. Mike texted me to warn me it might be a good idea to have my camera ready, and it soon became evident why, when the dashing cavaliers below turned up to escort me for the last few kilometres! The two Lazlos in their Hortobagy cowboy outfits complete with bells ringing merrily on the horses. The dark horse is a Noniusz, which is the traditional local Hortobagy breed.
We arrived to a fantastic reception party of palinka and pogi - the latter a delicious kind of small hot cheese bun - served up by host Lazlo Papp's girlfriend Tunde, also resplendent in traditional costume.
Me and the two Lazlos - my host Lazlo Papp on the right, and trainee Lazlo Rosza on the left.

Lazlo trying to encourage Dallam to grow? I hope not as he is a struggle for me to get on in any case. No - a novel way of cooling off his legs after exercise!

Dallam tied up in the barn, but in seventh heaven as he has been provided with a My Little Pony to keep him happy.

Cooking up the slambuc for supper - traditional Hortobagy cowboy fare of pasta and chili.

It seems to be perfectly normal here to sit around with a flask of wine on your head.

Lazlo (Papp) gives Hortobagy cowboy demonstrations, and we were treated to a private showing - this included getting your horse to lie down on its side and then stand on it while cracking a bull whip. Here I am taking part in the show.....
...and I did get to stand on a horse, but not crack the whip.

The jollities continued with Hungarian dancing and copious wine, and a brief interlude when Mike was carted off to the local surgery with a bitten hand after unwisely trying to mediate a dog fight.


  1. Sounds exciting! Hungarian hospitality sounds amazing :)

    1. Yes, Martine, Hungarian hospitality is legendary and I tried to tell Megan that but after her interlude at the border I think she was skeptical. I am happy that she has been able to spend time with these good folks--our ancestors and kin folk--and learn, among other things, the joys of palinka!

  2. Natalya Radovanskaya21 April 2012 at 21:59

    What nice pictures! What handsome horses! What wonderful people! What a hospitable country!