Monday, 2 April 2012

Hungarian hospitality

Early on Friday morning 26th March 'hussar' Lazlo turned up on cue with his impressive bay Kisberi mount to guide me to the centre of Nireghaza for another mediafest.

I was welcomed by an official in front of the Town Hall in Kossuth square, and presented with a goody bag containing among other things that essential item, a yoyo.

There followed more interviews, filming and photographs before I was whisked away into the Town Hall for coffee.

Next in the chain of outriders was Betti's friend Krisztina on her bike, who led me to a field on the edge of town to meet up with sea lion trainer Anna and Johny Depp lookalike David who were guiding me to the stables where Krisztina kept her horse. A lovely ride through fields and villages, even if we got slightly lost and had to ask the way....

Welcomed on arrival by Krisztina and boyfriend Zoltan with their dog Shamu...........

.......and stables owner Miklos and wife Kate entertained us to supper with yet more palinka and wine ....

Egysegere, or cheers in Hungarian! Lto R - Zoltan, Mike, Kate and Miklos toast to our success.

Hungarian hospitality is proving to be unrelenting!

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