Friday, 25 May 2012

Along the Isar river

For two days from Wednesday 2nd May we followed the Isar river upstream.  Mr Dengler kindly spent about three-quarter of an hour guiding me all the way down to the river path in his car on Wednesday morning.  From here it was a beautiful peaceful ride along the river's edge, with nothing but the sound of birdsong to break the quiet...


 Our friendly hosts near the little town of Dingolfing were Robert and Evelyn of the Poco Hill Ranch   The horses were given perfect accommodation knee deep in grass in one of their fields. As Zorbee heartily dislikes being stabled, we have found this is the best way to keep him happy where it is possible.  And Mike and I were treated us to a delicious barbecue.
I must mention here that when I talk about being hosted, I mean that we have not been charged for accommodation or food.  It is the genorosity of many people who have hosted us that has made such a venture viable and I will be eternally grateful for the support we have had along the way.

Robert and Evelyn are in the process of revamping the premises, which should be ready fairly soon.  They provide Western style trail riding in a welcoming atmosphere.
I had had to wing it a little during the day as I did not have maps beyond Aholming, so I was very glad when Robert kindly gave me some detailed maps of the area which the next day enabled me to take a more adventurous and scenic route than would otherwise have been possible.
Over the hills to Landshut..............

Did you really make me come down that bank?  A resigned Zorbee.
Our hostess with the mostest in Landshut, Barbara Neudecker.  A lady with her hands full, not only with a large stables to run, but a toddler and a new-born baby.  But she still found time to help sort out some maps for the next couple of days, and Slovakian stable hand Guran drove me down to Landshut to buy them.
It is very tiring travelling by lorry and eating grass all day ......

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