Tuesday, 1 May 2012

To Babolna

 Friday 5th April was a misty moisty morning when cloudy was the weather,but instead of an old man dressed all in leather, intrepid riders Sergio and Adele turned up to join me riding to Tatabanya. They brought alond borrowed horses, Sergio on a robust native Hucul or Carpathian pony.  We definitely took the scenic route which involved much poring over maps - here we are lost in the woods again, though Adele's terrier Foxy looks cheerfully optimistic.  Highlight of the day was stopping for coffee and cream cakes at a small village.  Thanks Sergio!

I eventually arrived at Szentgyorgypuszta with hosts Anton and very pregnant wife Suzsanna who gave us another enjoyable evening en famille with the help of a dictionary.
Anton and the other love of his life.....

The next day it was a long and straight ride to Babolna, centre of Shagya arab breeding....

Dallam had a loose box, and we were put up in the hotel courtesy of the stud.

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