Sunday, 13 May 2012

Bolashak Runs Away

From Obergrunbach the country became considerably hillier and steeper - a new experience for Zorbee.   We also rode through some extensive forest areas which made map reading more of a challenge as the tracks on the ground constantly bore no relation whatsoever to those on the map....

......about, which is what I spent a lot of time doing in the woods, generally complaining bitterly in choice language over my mobile to a resigned Mike..... 

 Lost again?  But at least the route is scenic. 
 ......Mike tries to convince a sceptical Zorbee that this sculpture of a cat is harmless to horses.
 ....but he is fascinated by this little chap.
 .... I thought I had seen the last of useless signs in Kazakhstan.  Do they really think no-one will have noticed the village sign twenty metres away?
...There are stunning views up here - the Alps were clearly visible in the distance though you cannot see them in this photo. 
A secluded track along the river...
 ....before climbing up the last hill to Schonau on the evening of April 23rd ....
...where we took a day off to recuperate in a small guesthouse with lovely views, comfortable rooms and excellent food. 

We had a little bit of bother with Bolashak the next morning when we made the mistake of turning both horses out in a paddock with an electric fence for the first time. Everyone here uses electric fencing and Austrian and German horses are all quite used to it, as is Zorbee.   Unfortunately Zorbee decided to fling up his heels and mess around, frightening Bolashak who ran into the fence, panicked, jumped out and disappeared over the hill and into a forest.  As this is an unfenced region with deep wooded valleys I feared it could be days before we recovered him.   However Mike brought his tracking skills into play and hunted him down to a neighbouring farm where we soon enticed his ever eager stomach with a bucket of feed.

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