Tuesday, 1 May 2012

We get thrown out of town

April 8th.   Arrived to a great welcome at Gyorujbarat just south of Gyor.  Dallam had a comfortable stable, and we were put up in the lovely Pension Eterem below  http://www.aranypatkofogado.hu/ courtesy of proprietor Mogor Csaba who also treated us to a delicious dinner in the restaurant.   Very much recommended if you are passing this way.
Mogor Csaba and Mike outside the pension
We all had to try Mogor's novel way of drinking palinka which involved rolling the glass round one's face - it probably also accounts for the blurred photo...

The next day I was guided for part of the way by Dora and the Roland, our enthusiastic interpreter.

The gorgeous Roland

Ready to set off on April 8th
As the stables Betty had earmarked for us were a little out of our way, we decided to stop for the night at a grassy spot outside the cemetery in a small town. But it was not long before the Rendorsweg or Hungarian police turned up. Someone had complained and we were politely told to get out of town. No mention of the fact that there was a half empty bottle of wine in front of us and there is zero tolerance for drink driving in Hungary!  But every cloud has a silver lining, and no sooner than we had been shown a little place on the edge of town by friendly locals than we were approached by Joseph, a young man from the farm opposite who had seen me in the newspapers.  He insisted that we put Dallam up in his stable, flinging hay around with gay abandon to clear a space for him.  And the following morning Joseph Senior turned up on his bicycle with breakfast, or rather a large bag of provisions including eggs, rolls, a home cured ham, chocolate etc - enough to feed a small army for a week!

Joseph Snr

Next stop was Fertod, as I wanted to see the Esterhazay Palace, the summer dacha of the Esterhazay family.
A knight in shining armour who gave me a lift to the ATM.

In front of Esterhazy Palace
 We stayed at stables nearby.  Unfortunately the Palace was shut, but we went for a stroll in the gardens the following morning.
Group at the stables near Fertod 

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