Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Who are Zorbee and Bolashak

On Wednesday 11th April Dallam and I arrived at Robert Grubit's stables in Kophaza, where my Shagya mare Zahira was waiting for collection.  Unfortunately she had not come into season or been covered by the resident Shagya stallion as I had planned, so I have arranged to leave her there until a successful mating.

I also heard that the Kazakh stallion's EU passport was ready, so it was off to Mateszalka with Mike and the lorry to fetch him.   Dr Ungvari had asked me to give a talk to the local Rotary club, and we stayed overnight and drove back the next day.  It gave me a chance to meet up again with the amazing Bernadette Miko who masterminded our travels through Hungary - Many many thanks Betty for your invaluable help!

Thus I now have two horses, but hang onto your hats for the explanation of a complete renaming.  Are you sittting comfortably?............

The Kazakh steppe stallion was originally called Bolashak (and passported with this name) by Rowena for Kazakh sponsors Bolashak see the 2011 March 8th post 'The Bolashak Pony'.  Unfortunately last spring he was ill and unable to join us, but Rowena managed to replace him with the big black stallion.  His real passport name was Suncar, but for the purposes of the ride we called him Bolashak (or Big Bolly).
As my horse Zorbee died of colic in August last year, when the Kazakh steppe stallion joined the team I decided it was easier to make him the replacement Zorbee for our sponsors Vidazorb.  and leave Suncar as Big Bolashak.

Then Suncar (Big Bolashak or Bolly) also tragically died and I bought the Shagya gelding to replace him.  His registered  name is Mersuch Robin-P, but as you know his stable name was Dallam - which means Melody in Hungarian. 

Are you sure you are concentrating?  It seemed silly to the Shagya gelding Bolashak which is the REAL passport name of the little steppe stallion (who has been called little Zorbee).

The little Kazakh stallion has reverted to his REAL name of Bolashak,
and the Shagya gelding is now the new Zorbee.

A big thank you also goes to my good friend Anthony Frost of Welsh Cottage Cakes  for putting up the money to buy the Shagya gelding.   Anthony's delicious cakes have cheered me up on many a miserable day and are highly recommended.  I am particularly partial to the fruit and brandy cake!

Diolch yn fawr, Anthony.