Monday, 23 June 2014

Ahoy there

Wdednesday June 17th and Ralph had decided to accompany me on his quad bike to my next destination at Jeffries, so off we set ....

Crossing the trestle at Fischers Brook...
A cup of tea at Robinson's somehow turned into a bottle of beer, so it was just as well that sea captain John Carter, a school friend of Cabot's who was hosting me for the night, turned up to pilot me in to his house at Jeffries.  A wonderful welcome from John and wife Elvira and as a result I completely forgot to take photos again.  John comes from a family with a long nautical tradition, and has twin sons both of whom are captains on the ferries from Newfoundland to the mainland!  I imagine if you can pilot a ship in Newfoundland waters, you can pilot one anywhere.
Lady was rather unsettled on her tether across the road and I knew I had a long day ahead so I made an early start the next morning.  John showed me the way back to the rail bed...
...and then it was a rather wet ride

 through some superb scenery..

I had originally planned to camp at Codroy Pond, but decided to push on to South Branch where Katie Miuse had arranged for me to stay with her parents Norm and Shirley, and I knew Lady would have a paddock there.  A good decision as Codroy Pond had more mosquitos than cabins, and the spacious paddock at the Muise household was grassy and insect free.  Lady was able to have a good rest and even a lie down, which meant I was also able to relax.  As a result I made late start the next morning as I knew she would be tethered in a garden at Doyles.  Unfortunately my camera battery gave up just before South Branch and I did not have enough room to carry my charger, so was unable to take photos, but watch this space for photos from Shirley!

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