Sunday, 22 June 2014

Return to Grand Falls

Next morning, Saturday June 7th Ruth and Kevin dropped me back in Howley together with Paige Payne who was going to ride Albert on to Deer Lake with me (Thanks Paige for the photos!).  The first section of the track via Grand Lake was scenic....
... but became increasingly stony and hard on Lady's feet, so I led her much of the way.
Crossing the river below the Main Dam which holds back the waters of Grand Lake...

This section of rail bed was particularly stony, so from here we followed a gravel road along the top of the great embankment holding back the waters.  Kevin picked us up in the trailer at the edge of Deer Lake for the short trip back to the stables where we were to enjoy marvellous hospitality for a few days courtesy of multi-tasking Ruth and reality TV star Kevin ( He sidekicked in the Newfoundland episode of Mantracker)
On Sunday June 8th I returned by coach to fetch my truck and take advantage of media opportunities organised by horseman Verdon Brown of Peterview. Mike and Jacky Brown who had hosted the ponies in Grand Falls kindly offered to put me up for the night in their luxurious home, and I was invited to join them for supper with the neighbours. Thank you all for a most enjoyable evening!
Mike and Jacky with their dogs Stanley and Chester who were rather suspicious of the alien intruder.

Being interviewed for CBC radio on Monday morning ..
...and I also did a TV interview and joined Verdon for an open line radio show.  I now find people I meet often exclaim "Oh are you the lady riding across Newfoundland?"  so my fame (?!) is spreading before me.
Verdon took me for a trip to his waterside home town of Peterview which is across the bay from Norris Arm.  The statue represents the horse and the church on which Peterview was founded.
I was thrilled when Verdon gave me a set of old shoes with ice calkins taken from a working Newfoundland pony. My friend and Welsh cob enthusiast Stuart Lloyd of Lampeter has an impressive collection of horseshoes (including a set from China that I donated) displayed in his Fish and Chip shop, and will be delighted when I present them to him....
I am also extremely grateful to Verdon's friend Terry who has contributed a pair of equine boots to the cause. 

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