Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A six toed cat

On Friday 30th May I set off from Gander for the three day ride to Grand Falls.
Albert and Lady eye up a wash out on the trail - easily negotiated by horse.

Crossing the long trestle bridge into Glenwood.

In Glenwood the proprietor of Misty River Cottages kindly let me use one of the cabins for free as it was in the process of being refurbished.  Right on the T'Railway, they are clean and comfortable with shower room, TV and cooking facilities.   
The horses were tied in a secluded spot at the back with piles of hay dropped by Lori Atwood from Gander - thanks Lori!
Rest stop on the way to Norris Arm the next day..
Watch out Albert!.......

Idyllic camp spot in Norris Arm...
...but in fact the grass contained a lot of young stinging nettles, and the horses were glad of the feed drop I had organised.   Norris Arm does not allow horses to be kept permanently in town, so Albert and Lady attracted a constant stream of admirers, including Nicola (shown in the middle below) who used to ride him in Clarenville, and local boy Christian (on the right) who spent hours grooming and playing with them - if ever a boy needed a horse, he does ...
Lori drove my truck over to Norris Arm the previous evening as she was staying there, so I was able to kip in the front seat and save time putting up my tent.  However it also meant that I accidentally left my camera behind the next day and was unable to take photos of our crossing of the Bishops Falls trestle bridge - the longest on the T'Railway.
I spent a day in Grand Falls, organising the isolated leg over Gaff Topsail,  Many thanks to retired dentist and former Brit John Trend for providing lifts, help and accommodation for me, and to retired vet and ex Brit Dr Mike Bland and wife Jacky for the luxury horse hotel.   John keeps two fjord driving ponies and amazing six toed cat ...


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