Thursday, 24 November 2011

I am a National Celebrity

Riding out of Soltvino near the border with Romania, I was stopped by an enthusiastic local businessman outside a very bling house with gold trimmings and fountain at the front. He was insistent that I come in for food. Normally I would try and make my excuses and move on - as much as I would like to take up all these kind invitations, if I accepted them all I would still be in China. But it transpired he had seen me on national news, and hey, who am I to disappoint my fans.
So I tied Bolashak to the railings, and here we are in Vassar's house (apologies if I have spelt the name wrong) in front of a wonderful spread conjured up by wife Lena. And of course washed down with a couple of shots of vodka, although Hua had to abstain as Ukraine is extremely strict about drinking and driving.
I also tried their salo, slices of pure lardy pork fat very popular in Ukraine, and which I had previously found rather distasteful - but I enjoyed the offering here.....
From left to right: Vassar Jnr, Diana, Lena, Hua, Vassar Snr - his friend the local chief of police also paid us a courtesy visit later on.

By the time we set off again it was getting into late afternoon, and we needed to find somewhere to stop for the night. But surbubia seemed to roll on, and the houses seemed to get more and more fantastic in the half-light, I suppose a combination of being even nearer the EU border and close to Transylvania! - Chernivtsi eat your heart out.

I was amazed to come across this monstrosity (but only one tower) .......

...... and then this Gothic fantasy ........ they are sprouting up like mushrooms or have I got triple vision ... I am sure I only had two very small vodkas with Vassar .......

----this is getting ridiculous .........

.......... No-o-o-o-o-o-.................

.thankfully dusk fell after this and put an end to my imaginings ... or were they?


  1. Hilarious!
    They're even worse than the monstrosities that sprang up in Ireland during the Celtic Tiger years!

  2. The same in Romania