Sunday, 20 November 2011

We visit the River Styx ...

Thursday 27th October
I was feeling so rotten after my tooth ache and extraction that it was an enormous relief to have the use of Colai's flat to crash out in, and I decided to stay another day in Uman to recuperate. It also meant we could make the obligatory visit to the 'world renowned' Sofiyivka Park which was only 5 minutes stroll from the block of flats, shown below. Notice the amazing graffiti art on the wall.
Sofiyivka Park is laid out in the Romantic style round a series of lakes and waterfalls.

It was designed in the late 18th century by Polish count Pototsky for his new wife Sofia, a noted beauty and socialite who rose from humble origins as a Greek slave girl. This accounts for the Greek theme, with statues of various Greek mythological figures - here is Hua clinging onto a statue of Orpheus ........
...... and by the tunnel entrance to the Styx, as the underground stream in the background is called! Apparently it is sometimes possible to have boat tours through the tunnel to the lake beyond.

No self respecting Ukrainian girl can have their photo taken without some serious posing, but sadly my inexperienced attempts do not really pass muster.

Today we set off again, and it was sad to say goodbye to all our new friends.

On the far left is Hala who interpreted so competently, 3rd from left is Colai who lent us his flat, and in the stripey shirt in the middle is our delightful host Andrei. Many, many thanks!

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