Saturday, 26 November 2011


I had rather hoped the brand new Certificate of Transit would be ready yesterday, but no luck. As no-one works in Astana at the weekend, we now have to hang on until Monday and hope it comes through then. In the meantime it is beginning to look dangerously as if snow is on the way, and the ground was covered with a fine icy drizzle this morning, absolutely lethal to walk on....

......Tamas skates around on it in his shoes with the gay abandon of youth, but ancient crones like me are reduced to a cautious shuffle.

While I am huddled here in the cold I may as well plug my daughter Iona's new website . She sings to accompaniment of harp or guitar, and is available for gigs and weddings.
One of her new promotional photos in sweet and innocent guise.....
.....and the more sexy version .... what is she not wearing, says her mother in a slightly disapproving tone of voice.......


  1. well thats embarising for me.... but thanks for the dedication

  2. Dear Ions - I assume it must be you because of the spelling - it is spelt embarrassing Swops