Monday, 21 November 2011

We cross the Dneistr

Monday 31st October
Since leaving Uman, we have left the high road and have been following some quieter rural roads and tracks. Not a welcome sight in the morning.......
......little Zorbee slightly the worse for wear after a rollicking night at an Ukrainian fiesta? No - he has been rooting around in the weeds again, and acquired a liberal coating of these pesky burrs, which are a nightmare at this time of year. Hua spent a considerable time trying to rid him of this little lot, but eventually gave up in exasperation and cut off part of his mane.

A lady driver with a smart set of hooves.

Brrrrr .... icy autumn mornings are setting in.

Ukrainian women delivering pails of milk to a milk tanker. Surprisingly it is often quite difficult to find milk in rural shops, presumably as most people already have their own cow or a neighbour who does.

Riding through the autumn mists. The colours of the trees are often quite spectacular, but my little camera does not do them justice.

Michael, who came with his tractor to put me and little Zorbee on the right cross country track ..........

...over hill and dale.... reach the second great river in Ukraine, the Dneistr .... .....and here are Bolashak and me about to cross the great dam at Novodnistrovsk today - it acts to create electricity from the river. On the left is the road across the top of the dam, and one can just catch a small glint from the reservoir dammed back behind it.

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