Tuesday, 15 November 2011

To Krivvy Rig

Monday 17th October
For the last few days we have been riding to Krinichki, just to the north of Krivvy Rig, where our next host Alexander was waiting.

With English teacher Irina who befriended us, and let us fill up all our depleted water containers from her well.

Why would anyone want to put a scarecrow on a dung heap?

These strange metal trap doors we saw outside former Soviet housing blocks in some towns are not the entrances to dungeons, but to root cellars for storing vegetables etc.

Rowena and Bolashak on the road to Kirove

Very small horses or very tall rushes?

A bread kiosk - bread is very important in Ukraine.

Nearing Krivvy Rig we came across this seemingly abandoned war memorial in the middle of nowhere.......

What better way to go than in the arms of a singularly well endowed lady soldier...

We had a tremendous welcome from all at the showjumping stables at Krinichki. They managed to clear out a couple of unused loose boxes for the horses, the faulty oil filter on the lorry has been changed, and we have been lavishly fed and watered. Here we are having another delicious meal washed down with Crimean wine. Left to right, Hua, Alexander who owns the stables, Lera, Hermann, Katya who produced the wonderful spread, Rowena who looks as though she has had a few glasses.

A demented looking Hua trying to appear fiercesome in Hermann's Cossack outfit..

Alexander took us home to his comfortable house to shower and sleep. Rowena has now left to return to Kazakhstan and I shall very much miss her company.

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