Thursday, 13 August 2009

Li Jing Update

At last I can download a photo. This is Li Jing on danger zone Zorbee by the sign announcing our arrival at Inner Mongolia last week - unfortunately it appears to have had an altercation with a lorry.

The latest on Li Jing is that he has broken his collarbone but not his ribs. Being the the hard man that he is, he is intent on getting straight back in the saddle, but we shall see. Conveniently we had already arranged to attend a big endurance event in Xilingole over the weekend, so that gives us a breathing space to decide our next course of action.
We are now esconsed in a 5 star hotel in Xilingole courtesy of the Chinese Equestrian Association, quite a change from the simple farmhouse we stayed in last night, and where we have left the horses in the care of a local farmer who came to our rescue.

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