Thursday, 6 August 2009

Zou Ba! We're Off!

Dinner is served!
The re-launch went off in tremendous Chinese style with the promised fireworks (the horses, being Chinese, didn't bat an eyelid) drums and cymbals as we rode out of the gateway, and an accompanying cohort of stable lads in Mongolian costume to see us off. This was following a fantastic Chinese lunch with speeches, Mongolian singing and horsehead violin playing, and various Mongolian rituals in which I was expected to take part, not to mention the procession above bringing in a whole roast calf.
Rode out through Guyuan on a hot afternoon, and who should greet us but old friend Mr Zhao of the Yihe stud on a hay buying trip! We are now in Gao Shan Pu, staying in a yard full of sheep.


  1. Good luck on your journey Megan. Do you have any RSS feed for people to follow on igoogle? Anyway, I'll keep checking in when I can.

    Sizge ak yol tilaymen
    (Uighur for May your journey be successful)

  2. Steve good to hear from you! Being of the older generation it is all I can do to manage a blog, thuraya locate etc - how does an RSS feed work?

    Are you hoping to continue your journey soon? Where are you now?