Sunday, 9 August 2009

A Gongli Too Far

Friday was a 'shi gongli' day. On the first stage of our ride according to our guide Mr Ren it was always 'shi gongli' or 10 kms to our final destination no matter how far we rode. Having expected to ride about 16 miles, it somehow ended up being nearly 30 miles, and we limped into Wu Mian Jing exhausted, and in my case, grumpy. As a result I now have a bad case of back ache from overdoing it. We are all set up to camp and annoyingly we passed several ideal camping spots.

On the plus side we crossed into Inner Mongolia and rode through some lovely grassland country with belts of poplar and birch. I have not included photos here as I don't seem to be able to download them for some reason.

Wu Mian Jing is a former government administration centre which is now been abandoned and is almost a ghost town. Hua managed to get us accomodation in the town cottage hospital which was somewhat run down - we stayed in a hospital room complete with drip stand, and were booted out early next morning to make way for a patient.

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