Friday, 21 August 2009

Putting the record straight

Having parted company with 5 people in as many months and notched up a total of 2 broken collarbones, 7 ribs and a punctured lung, Zorbee has developed a reputation as a bit of a devil horse. I have not only had emails asking when we are going to get rid of him, but even half seriously that he should be shot!

However, this reputation is uncalled for. He is not a nasty horse and has NEVER deliberately tried to get rid of anyone. He is very energetic and responsive - this sensitivity also means he is susceptible to occasional panic attacks particularly with regard to things around his legs - he is paranoic about the loose wire with which the grasslands are littered. But the majority of the time he is a little trooper - forward going, willing and obedient, and taking everythiing in his stride. He is a cut above the other horses both in travelling speed and endurance. I suspect when Li Jing rejoins us, he and Hua will be fighting for him!

Hua and I spent today riding along a dry river bed through the hills for miles - absolutely fantastic though we had a bit of a job scrambling through rocks and negotiating a weir where the valley narrowed almost to a gorge. Zorbee carried Hua ahead at a collected canter along the sandy stretches while I trotted behind to catch up. As we are down to 2 riders, I am alternating riding Shandan and Bajiu - Zorbee is doing the whole distance with a heavier rider and still arriving looking the strongest. And he is the littlest!

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