Friday, 28 August 2009

More photos!

When loos exist, they are invariably guarded by one-headed Cerberuses as shown in photo. No sneaking quietly to the loo in the middle of the night. This hound had a long chain which necessitated creeping along the right hand wall to reach ones goal. He had devised an amusing game of charging at terrified loo-goers while barking furiously. But if stared at he soon backed down, shamefaced and crestfallen.

The Shi Gongli factor. But I an sure it said 154 kms to Baotou 10 kms (shi gongli) further back.

Peng and Zorbee negotiate the outskirts of Houhehot.

Rumours of UFOs in Inner Mongolia have been greatly exaggerated. In fact they are luxury hotels such as this one we stayed in at Houhehot, courtesy of the Houhehot horsey fraternity.

Find the pig. Houhehot.

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