Thursday, 20 August 2009

Try Thuraya Locate Again

I have at last managed to sort out the problem with Thuraya Locate, and have already put in my last couple of locations. The map shows the latest location, but you can View History to look at previous locations. Allow for some offset - we are not sleeping on the side of a hill as it appears on the map, but in relatively comfortable lodgings at the bottom.

After staying in a grubby fly infested hotel in Hou Qi on Tuesday, we have had two lovely days of riding, first following alongside a quiet road through open grassland hills past a lake to overnight at Hong Pan Zhen, a pleasant little one horse town - or rather 3 horses and several pigs. Surprisingly the 'high street' boasted six shops, mainly stocking liquor. But I suppose there is nothing much else to do out here. A couple of the shops appeared to double up as social clubs, with small groups huddled over cards and mahjong.

Today we cut across country at one point, and in the afternoon followed along a dry riverbed to our current destination. We have been covering about 40kms a day, as apparently we are aiming to reach Houhehot at the weekend to meet up with some horsey people.

Still can't download photos which is annoying - I suppose I will just have to rely on a photofest every so often.

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